Redmi Note 10 Pro Review

Redmi Note 10 Pro (Global) Review


Redmi Note 10 Pro review. We have Glacier Blue 6GB RAM with 128GB storage. It comes with the 12.01.10 MIUI version and we recently updated it to 12.0.13. The package includes a 33W charger, 1 USB cable, jelly case and also a pre-installed (laminated?) screen protector. This set costs Php 12,590.00 for 6GB and Php 13,590.00 for 8GB

This phone is IP53 rating meaning it has a resistance to dust and water splash. Moreover, this Redmi phone has a built-in four cameras at the back and by activating the main sensor camera, hooray it produces good quality photos. By the way, the front camera picks quality photos in daylight.

I tested some games like Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends; Call of Duty and Wild Rift and all these games were running well and it can really handle it.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Review
Redmi Note 10 Pro Review


The frame looks premium though it is made of plastic and the back and the front glass of the phone is made of Gorilla Glass 5. At the top side you can find the hole for the headphone jack; speaker and IR blaster while the SIM and memory card is at the left side.

On the right side, you can find the volume and power button with a quick fingerprint print scanner which I really like the most. You can easily switch your phone on and off by either tapping your finger (on screen ba ito) or press the power button to activate the fingerprint scanner.

Let us talk about the back where you can observe the Rear Quad Camera with 108MP, 8MP Ultrawide, 5MP Super Macro and 2MP Depth Sensor that makes this look premium. And at the lower back part you can see the typical “Redmi” branding.


The battery consumption of Redmi Note 10 Pro is a bit fast compared to other 5000mAh phones. But the battery lasts for 1 day or 2 and it depends on how you use it. Maybe because of the 120hz screen refresh rate and other things. So I tested it and in my case, Facebook, YouTube and games for a few hours.

During the test I discharged the phone to zero until it turned off. Then I charged the phone from 0% to 39% in 30 minutes while the phone was turned off. Using its included charger in the box.


The screen is 6.67 inches Amoled Gorilla Glass 5, FHD+1080 x 2400, HDR10, 450 nits indoor and up to 1200 nits outdoor. Other popular features are 120HZ max refresh rate and 240HZ touch sampling rate and navigating the UI is very smooth.

Because it is Amoled. There are Always on display features such as a bunch of clocks and signatures.. Sadly the phone does not have Super Wallpaper feature just like their other amoled phone. ……….. same..

Reading mode reduces blue light and gives two options either Classic or Paper. Classic color temperature is adjustable while Paper gives options to change Color Temperature; Texture and its Color either full colors, light colors or black and white.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Review


Four cameras at the back: 108MP, 8MP Ultrawide, 5MP Super Macro and 2MP Depth Sensor.
The main sensor of the camera is Samsung ISOCELL 108MP HM2 with nine-pixel binning technology. The main camera is f/1.9 aperture, 0.7µm pixel size.

Now let’s go to one of the main selling points of this Redmi Note 10 Pro.The main camera is good compared to other mid range phones released by Xiaomi. Overall the quality of shots taken from this camera are good, it has a lot of details and it supports RAW.The camera can do the job for everyday needs and every occasion.

Camera Application

Main Camera, Auto

All shots here were taken during daylight. Outdoor, the main camera performed very well, it produced high quality photos. Indoor, the quality is good with artificial lights.


For us the reason we shoot at 108MP is to crop the image, if the subject is further. Because it doesn’t have a Telephoto.

Night Shots

When I took the first and second photo, there was no light source on my spot during the shots. The photos turned out soft and not usable. The photos captured in this mode are pretty low quality compared to other mid-range smartphones released by Xiaomi. But still, the phone can capture an amazing shot during the day.

Pro Mode

This time I used a tripod, I compared the three shots. First is auto mode, the shots turned out just okay. The Night mode shot seems to have a gray filter. It produced more details, the hexagon shapes are clearly visible. Last, the Pro mode is the best and has more details and high quality. It seems it was taken from a Flagship phone.

Long Exposure

Long Exposure worked, but without a tripod it won’t produce a better shot.

Super macro

Shots from a super macro camera are a bit soft. Actually I don’t want to talk about this one.


In UI performance, the power of the Snapdragon 732G is in between 600 series and 800 series.
I did not feel any slowdown so far, while using the phone. When I first got the phone I did not update it to the latest update version of MIUI. I noticed some random lag and the UI randomly not responding. But after I updated the system I noticed the bugs have been fixed now. Navigating through the UI and opening apps are very fast and I didn’t notice any lag.

Genshin Impact

I played this game with a custom setting, where I tweaked some individual settings. So I set the graphic quality to the lowest and render resolution to high. The game is playable although I experienced some lag, but it’s okay and It did not bother me.

Mobile Legends

The phone can handle the highest graphics of the game, which is Ultra. I don’t want to talk about this but don’t worry, everything is just fine.

Call of Duty Mobile

The highest Graphic Quality can be set to Very High, while the Frame Rate can be set to Max but cannot be paired with Very High graphics. The performance was great, I did not experience any lag while playing the game. It was smooth, graphics were awesome and responsive.


Overall, it is good for gaming however it is not the most preferred phone for gaming. The camera department is okay during daylight, but weak during the night. The only issue I experienced was overheating of the device.


We have not experienced screen flickering since I got the phone for a month now.

It is working well.

  1. Bug on camera app. There was a time that the camera app did not respond. When touching the shutter button or even scanning a QR code for wifi password. I experienced it myself when I first got the phone without system update.
  2. When I pressed the home button all icons on the home screen were gone.


I guess these issues have been fixed.

No, it is fast.


  • Amoled screen
  • Quality display
  • 120HZ refresh rate
  • 240HZ touch sampling rate
  • Awesome design
  • Fast UI
  • Fast fingerprint scanner
  • Main Camera
  • Good selfie camera
  • Headphone jack
  • Dual speaker


  • Overheating (Games and minor apps)
  • Macro camera
  • No LED notification light.
  • Night Mode shots