Redmi Note 10 Pro - Features

Redmi Note 10 Pro Features you probably did not know. I created a top 10 useful you are probably going to use. Not all but some of them. People don’t usually talk about this list I have here. This might be helpful to your everyday use of the phone.

1. Show RAM Usage

Xiaomi miui can have an option to show the current RAM. Go to Settings -> Home Screen and find Show memory status. The RAM usage is now visible after activating it from settings.

2. Floating Window

Floating window is very usable especially, if you don’t want to leave the current app open. Go to recent apps (1st image) -> click Floating Windows at the top left of the screen. Then choose the app you want as a floating app.

3. Lock Widget

A friend of mine told me about this widget app that locks the screen of the phone. It’s an alternative solution if you don’t want to press the power hundred times a day or more. Go to the home and then hold your finger on anywhere until all icons and widget are editable -> Widgets and under Quick Functions choose Lock.

4. Video toolbox

What the app does is… It can record, screenshot, cast, play video with screen off. It also has a video mode to change the color of the video while playing and it amplifies the sound. Go to Settings -> Special Feature -> Video toolbox. There is an option there that you can choose which apps you want to have.

5. Connect PS4 Controller

Playing with the PS4 controller on android is an advantage for PS players. Connecting a PS4 controller is now supported since Android 10 and without installing third party apps. Make sure your Bluetooth is on and press Share + PS logo, find the controller on your phone and connect.

6. Blur Preview From Recent Apps

When the app is already closed and the contents is private, it might appear in the recent apps or task manager. If you’re showing your phone to someone else and accidentally pressed recent apps. Go to Settings -> Home Screen -> Blur app previews.

7. Change System Fonts

Go to Theme app then search the font you like. In this example I searched for a One Piece font. You will find it at the bottom Fonts section, download it. It requires a restart to apply it.

8. Notification Shade

There are 2 options for notification and you can either choose one you like better. Go to Settings -> Notifications & Control Center -> Notification Shade. There are 2 options: MIUI or Android.

9. Black & White Screen

There are 3 options to choose from. Full Colors, Light Colors and Black and White. Go to Settings -> Display -> Reading Mode -> Paper -> Colors then choose Black and White.

10. App Lock and Hidden App

If you don’t want someone to see your private message from your phone. Go to Settings -> Apps -> App Lock. First set a password then you can choose which app you like to lock. Unlocking with fingerprint and Face unlock are also possible. The app will appear blurred on recent apps.

Hidden App option and hide the app completely. The app won’t be visible anywhere, unless you remove it from being hidden.