MIUI 13 for Mi 10T Pro is out

The Mi 10T Pro was released in October 2020 and has been shipped with Android 10. This unit has only a 2-year software update and a 3-year security update. One android upgrade per year, the Android 12 is the 2nd android update and also the last Android update of this phone. I am sure the phone will stay up to date until October 2022 for its last MIUI13 update.

If we are going back to October 2020, this phone was so popular. I’ve seen a lot of people use this phone until today because everything about this phone is so great. It’s a flagship phone with a mid-range price. The only reason I bought this is the camera, and SoC. In addition, I discovered that this phone has a UFS3.1.


MIUI 13 for Mi 10T Pro is out

It’s exactly MIUI

I think this is the last Android version and MIUI version for this device. So there is no upcoming MIUI14 and Android 13 in the future of this phone but the security update continues until October of 2023.

So far I did not experience any problems. But I experience some slow down like when restarting the device, it takes longer now than it was before. It’s still fast and I have no issue with that.

One of the best smartphones Xiaomi created.

The new version is a bit heavier compared to what it was before.

MIUI 13 for Mi 10T Pro is out


It includes:

Security update for April 2022


  • Apps can be opened as floating windows directly from the sidebar.
  • Optimization: Enhanced accessibility support for Phone, Clock, and Weather
  • Optimization: Mind map nodes are more convenient and intuitive now.